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Baby Mathew - We are happy because of you.


Dr. Abraham, there are certain things that words can explain. And there are many things which are impossible to express thru words. Thru this mail, I am attempting the second scenario. You have been treating my mother Baby Mathew, aged 68, for more than an year now. The happiness that we have been experiencing, since we started taking your expert services, is something that is beyond explanation, as I mentioned above. I am attaching snaps of my mother around 1 ½ years before and as of now and probably this can explain a bit if it !! Before seeing you, we were undergoing a series of hospitalization, medication at home including oxygen supplement, mobilization, CPAP in addition to regular medicines. All these treatment used to provide respite for some time and then the agony and pain is back after a couple of weeks, with more vigor and difficulty. Hospitalization, which was inevitable in every couple of months, were becoming more and more complex and painful, each time. It was such a hurting experience for all of us to see the suffering that my mother had to undergo, at home and hospital. After the last such hospitalization, I vividly remember, the doctor treating her, advised us to buy a “by-PAP” machine. Through the same doctor’s reference, we got in touch with someone to purchase a used one. We almost finalized a deal for this one which was only used for merely 8 months (or in other words, with this instrument, the extension to life that my mother can get is 8 more months !! ). All of us were under tremendous pressure and sorrow to hear this out.. It was this time that your reference came and we started taking your guidance and medication. Though your treatment was started by us as “yet another attempt”, to surprise of most of us, we were able to see each and everything that you spoke, actually happening in the coming weeks. You said she can walk and she walked ! …. you said she will be on her on within 2 to 3 months.. and she did!!... you said her lung capacity will increase from current 17% to more than 50% in one to two year’s time and after one year, the figure stands at staggering 37% !!! unbelievable..!! Can any Doctor in this world say, with such CONFIDENCE, that a 67 year old patient who has been suffering from asthma for more than 20 years, (it is understandable for a young kid or youth) that she will walk from bed to a completely normal life and that happened !! Amazing.. just amazing…. It’s a blessing that you are available in this part of the world and we were lucky to know you and get your services.. I almost lost my mother once and I really understand value of having a mother; much more than any other children in this world understand… I sincerely thank you and THANK GOD who sent you to this world probably to give a new life to my mother and many mothers, fathers, sons and daughters.. ..


Thank you ! Regards


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