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Dr. P.E. Abraham



Dr. P. E. Abraham is a renowned Complementary Medicine Consultant specialized in the management of Asthma and other allergic diseases. His objective is to help individuals to enjoy Optimum Health which he defines as the ‘freedom from all symptoms & freedom from all medicines’.

After gaining MBBS from University of Kerala in the year 1970, Dr Abraham secured MD in Internal Medicine of the same university in1977. During his practice as Assistant Medical Officer in District Hospital, Kottayam, he happened to witness the severity of Asthma and other Allergy diseases. This experience motivated Dr Abraham to find an ultimate solution for these diseases.


Achieving a Diploma in Asthma, Allergy & Immunology from Vallabhbhai Patel Chest Institute, New Delhi in the year 1979 was a milestone in Dr Abraham’s career.  But he was soon convinced with the fact that Allopathy cannot alone offer a complete cure.  This made him to quit the government job and open a clinic in Kottayam specialized for the treatment for Asthma and Allergic diseases. He then broadened his knowledge by graduating in Homeopathy from the esteemed Royal London Hospital in England. After attaining the title of Specialist Trainer in Yoga Therapy from Bihar School of Yoga, he underwent advanced training in Acupuncture (Srilanka), Vita-Nutrient Therapy (U S), Naturopathy and Diet Management.


Exposure to various treatment routines facilitated Dr. Abraham to develop a new system of medical management. This methodology of curing pursues the system of Complementary Medicine and is ‘Simple, Complete and Harmless’. This has helped Dr Abraham to heal around 150000 patients who were suffering from chronic conditions. His clientele includes patients from all over the world who have achieved complete cure and satisfaction from Complementary method of treatment.


Dr Abraham’s expedition towards the total cure of chronic diseases initiated from his home itself. The first individuals who achieved complete healing from the hostile disease Bronchial Asthma were his mother, son and himself. Their current health which has achieved and been maintained the optimum status is the greatest testimonies for the system of Complementary Medicine.


Professional Experience


Dr. Abraham started his career by working as Assistant Medical Officer in District Hospital, Kottayam (1977-1979). He enriched his professional experience by working as Allergy & Asthma Specialist in PNVM Hospital, Cochin (1979-1986) and as Visiting Professor in Homeopathic Medical College, Kottayam (1980-1983). He also serves as a Consultant in Allergy& Asthma in Al-Hayat Complementary Medicines in Muscat, Oman since the year 2000 and as Consultant Physician in Central Research Institute in Homoeopathy (Government of India) since 2006. He is also the Chief Specialist Consultant of Sangamam Clinic, Kottayam (since 1979) and Sangamam Health Complex, Kochi (since 1985), the two revolutionary endeavours he started with the aim of Disease Management and Optimum Health.




Dr Abraham’s first book was published in the year 1984 with the title Asthma & other Allergy Diseases. The revised-fifth edition of this informative piece was issued in 2005. The copies are available on request.


His another  book in Malayalam “Aasthmayil ninnumm poorna  arogyathilekku” (“From asthma to complete health”) published by Manorama Publication now is on shelf.


He has been Internationally recognised  in the field of complementary medicines. In February 2011 Dr.Abraham received an award for the overall contribution to the field of holistic healing, instituted by Lonodon’s  Royal college of Medicine from Dr. Michael Dixon, the College Chairman and personal physician to Prince Charles. In this connection Prince Charles met with Dr. Abraham on his last India visit along with  other eleven eminent International Doctors.


Marital Status


Married to Dr.Susan Abraham M.B.B.S.,   now  Chief  Medical  Officer St. Mary’s   Hospital,  Manarcaud .


Has  one son,  Dr. Abel Manoj Abraham M.B.B.S., DOMS. Working in abroad.

Has  one daughter Meera Prakash  MHRM,  Manager  IT  Zone  Kakkanad.




Reading, Gardening, Vintage car, pets collection  and Antiques collection.




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