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Najeeb Aluva


Najeeb, aged 36, was working as a receptionist in Saudi Arabia. At that time he was suffering with multiple allergic symptoms like regular and recurrent cold and coughs, sneezing,breathlessness etc. He also felt suffocation during his sleep. He felt very weak and had pain all over the body. He had undergone many treatment modalities like the Allopathy and Ayurveda but was not feeling healthy and relieved of all his symptoms. He also used many high dose inhalers to control his recurrent symptoms. It was then that he came to know about Dr. Abraham and his integrative and complementary treatment approach followed at the AARC.Najeeb’s son was under the treatment of Dr. Abraham for similar allergic and asthmatic symptoms and was completely cured within a period of just one year. And Najeeb during his next visit to India made sure that he paid a visit to AARC.

Najeeb visited Dr. Abraham and told him about his physiical as well as psychological sufferings. He was not able to concentrate on his work and had to apply for leave regularly which affected his quality of work as well. Dr. Abraham consoled him very patiently and provided him mental support. He was subjected to the pulmonary function test which is extensively carried out to determine the severity of respiratory diseases at the AARC. The test which was taken on 26/ 08/2010 showed Forced vital capacity value (FVC value) of 47.1% and FEV1 value of 56.3%.

The values thus indicated that ,Najeeb had Chronic Bronchial Asthma. Dr. Abraham assured him that , by following a very systematic diet pattern which was evolved by Dr. Abraham through his long years of research and studies along with regular yoga exercises and wet packs ,Najeeb could get back to normal life very soon. Along with the strict diet and regimen, he was prescribed with the necessary homeopathic medications and vita- nutrient supplements too.

On his second visit , Najeeb had shown drastic improvement and returned back to his job . After a period of one year, when Najeeb came back for his annual vacation, he consulted Dr. Abraham as a very healthy person. Dr. Abraham conducted the Pulmonary function test , once again just to reassure that Najeeb was completely free of his Asthmatic problems and the results of the test were positive.

The father and son are fully convinced about the role that diet plays in the treatment of allergic disorders and advocates this to all his friends and relatives. They are also continuing the yoga and breathing exercises regularly. Today both Najeeb as well as his son are leading a very productive and content life.



Readers could contact Najeeb in the phone number given below:

Mr. Najeeb :0484-2542733





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